Thursday, January 30, 2014

Best of January 2014

Post sunset clouds over the rolling prairie of Fall River County.
It's hard to believe that January of 2014 is nearly gone.  As in 2013, I've resolved to self-critique and choose 12 favorite photos from each month.  Once selected, I'll post them to this photo blog.  Enjoy January's... click on image for a larger file to view and thanks for looking!

Trumpeter Swans taking flight early in the morning at LaCreek National Wildlife Reserve south of Martin, SD.

A curious northern cardinal through the twigs of his favorite tree at Farm Island State Park near Pierre, SD.

An abandoned schoolhouse at sunset along the Lyman and Stanley County line.

A beautiful iron cross in a country church cemetery one early Sunday morning at Lower Brule Reservation.

A jealous looking blue jay at Good Earth State Park in Lincoln County.

Pre-sunrise clouds over downtown Sioux Falls.

A red-headed woodpecker at Newton Hills State Park.

Highland Church just north of Garretson at sunrise.

Another view of Highland Church at sunrise.

A female snowy owl that visited northwest Sioux Falls in late January.  She hung out near my place of work and I happened to catch her in a clump of sunflowers in a nearby hayfield on my way in one morning.

The next afternoon she was hanging out on a rock pile just five blocks from where I live.

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