Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prairie Wild Flowers

Here are some more various western South Dakota prairie wildflowers taken on a recent trip back to my hometown of Isabel S.D. It has been a damp spring and that usually means the wild flowers flourish. I was too early for cactus and yucca blooms, but was able to find some other fascinating and beautiful flowers while out and about. Click on the photos for a larger file to view and enjoy!
These are Globe Mallows... the contrast of the orange with the green grass and blue skies was striking to me:

White Beardtongue:
Gumbo Lily:
Wild Begonia in with some prickly pear cactus and wild onion (I think):
A couple shots of Blue Beardtongue:

Purple Locoweed and possibly Canada Milkvetch (white flowers) adorn this hillside of an arm of the creek that ran near my mom's childhood home.
Here is a panoramic of the scene above.... the shots are the same, but one is effected to be a "faux" infrared black and white.