Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The view from Turner Field

While in Atlanta (see previous post) I took my wide angle camera to try and get some cool stadium shots for my friend. Saturday night was a beautiful night for baseball with an amazing sunset so I was really happy with what I was able to get. Here are my favorite shots ranging from no touch up to stitched together panoramics and faux tilt shift effects. Click on the image for a larger file to view and thanks for stopping by!

OK, so look at the skyline in the photo above. We stayed in the circular skyscraper which happens to be a Westin hotel that is 70 plus stories. They have a restaurant at the top that rotates. Below is a night view of downtown Atlanta from that restaurant. Sorry for the glare and reflection of me in the night sky. Photoshop could fix it, but it would be a lot of work that I'm not up to tonight.