Monday, September 2, 2013

August's Best

Rain clouds collided with the sunset over Flandreau, SD's baseball diamond.  My nephews played in SD Teener championship weekend in mid-August.
Welcome to a collection of twelve of my favorite photos from August of 2013.  Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for dropping in! 

I found these prairie blazing stars near Dell Rapids.

This sunset with a rural water tower and country church silhouetted was taken south of Hartford and north of Wall Lake.

Crop dusting over a sunflower field in Aurora County.

I found this beautiful owl in LaCreek Wildlife Refuge in Bennett County.

Both male and female red-tailed and yellow headed blackbirds were flocking near the edge of the Nebraska Sand Hills in Bennett county.  I assume it was to feed on the sunflowers which were abundant this year.

Bennett County sunset.

South Dakota's sand hills on an early, hazy summer morning.

A gumbo evening primrose in bloom with an unidentified caterpillar feeding in the background.

Horse in a pasture of sunflowers on the edge of the sand hills.

Headlights, the Badlands and the Milky Way in late August.

A late summer storm provided quite a show above Badlands National Park.