Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer's End

Black Samson otherwise known as "wild purple cone flower" gracing the grasslands of Wind Cave National Park.

Where did the summer go? All of the sudden August is winding down. It has been a good, but extremely busy summer for me. This post features some new photos that I have not added to this blog before but many of them are in my new photo book called "Take Me Home." See the link in the upper right hand of the page and thanks for stopping by!

An Eastern Tiger swallowtail on a thistle blossom.

A rambunctious buffalo calf plays on the hillsides of Custer State Park.

A Wind Cave National Park prairie dog calmly munched a blade of grass as I took its portrait.

This beautiful patch of harebell flowers were swaying in the wind on the southern border of Wind Cave National Park just north of Hot Springs, SD in early July.

A wild wood lily found under the pines of a Custer State Park hillside.

Wild daisy amongst blooming flax south between Deadwood and Spearfish Canyon.
A close up shot of the flax flower.

Some of my favorite sunsets from July are below. The last being a thundercloud northeast of Sioux Falls as the setting sun lit it with its last beams of the day.