Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 2016

Northern Lights above Crow Buttes on the Harding and Butte County Line of northwest South Dakota.

I spent two week in Custer State Park and the surrounding area this June.  Not a bad place to be in late spring!  Things were a touch dry, so the wildflowers were not as abundant as I've seen in the past, but the scenery, wildlife and views were still spectacular.  Later in the month I hiked the walking trail at Lake Vermillion Recreation area and found some wildflower pockets adding color to the prairie hills.  Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

Mountain Bluebird on a Custer State Park boundary fencepost.

Scarlet Globemallow in bloom in northern Wind Cave National Park.

Detail of a Rocky Mountain Iris (Blue Flag) flower petal.

Sunset over Sylvan Lake.

Thunderstorm approaching Sylvan Lake.

The Milky Way above Zoar Church in northeast Day County, SD.

Showy or Swamp Milkweed in bloom at Lake Vermillion Rec Area.

Prairie Coneflower in a patch of Daisy Fleabane.

Black Samson

An orange moth amongst the flower patch.

Black-eyed Susan