Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016

Sunset over West Prairie Lutheran of Lincoln County, SD
Spring is always a fun time to get out with the camera.  Even though the rain and temperate weather can often slow you down, they can also provide great opportunities for interesting and dramatic photos.  I was able to catch a couple really nice sunsets after rain clouds and the year's first thunderstorm.  Also, the birds are coming back to the prairie and a few posed for me in late April, I hope to find more in May.  Thanks for checking in and click on an image for a larger file to view.

A little later in the evening the clouds turned pink, purple and red.

A wild plum thicket at Union Grove State Park.

A white trout lily at Union Grove State Park.

Water droplets on my back windshield with the lights of downtown Sioux Falls as a backdrop.

The setting of the Full Pink Moon over an abandoned house on the Turner/Hutchinson County line.

An orange-crowned warbler working a plum thicket for ants.

Got one!

Female Eastern Bluebird at Good Earth State Park.  This was a first for me.

Her male suitor.

After the first thunderstorm of the year at Willow Creek Lutheran between Colton and Dell Rapids, SD.  A rain puddle in the road allowed for the mirror reflection.

First lilac blooms of the year at Union Grove State Park.