Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

An exquisite sunrise scene on the first of April from Fort Pierre National Grasslands
April provided plenty of starts and stops to spring in South Dakota this time around.  The month started relatively warm and pleasant but ended in a rainy, snowy mess.  I was able to get out to Fort Pierre National Grasslands and sit in a blind on April 1st to watch Prairie Chickens and Sharp-tailed Grouse vie for their hen's attention.  It was a near perfect early spring day with a gorgeous sunrise across the grasslands and soft, evening sunset which I enjoyed with some pasqueflowers in Hanson County. As always, click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

Two cattle trucks on US Highway 83 against the red dawn horizon

Greater Prairie Chicken 

Greater Prairie Chicken roosters fighting for the best lek location

Pasqueflowers at sunset

Chorus frog doing his thing

The first plum brush buds of the year

Ruby-crowned kinglet 

Early Morning Rain

Rainbow over the Missouri River Hills

Green dragonfly amongst the buds

An Aurora surprise - reflected in a fishing hole near Hartford, SD