Friday, April 3, 2015

March 2015

Northern Lights on March 1st - showing despite strong moonlight!
March of 2015 turned out to be a doozy!  The month started with a nice display of northern lights on a cold, moonlit night and then ended with finding a beautiful patch of wild pasqueflowers in the Vermillion River hills.  Also, on St. Patrick's Day morning I awoke unexpectedly in the wee hours to see one of the stronger displays of Aurora I have ever seen.  One of those photos made CBS evening news and another was used in online articles of the Washington Post and Smithsonian Magazine.  I created a time-lapse of the display that KSFY News played on the evening news as well as posted to their website.  It can be found HERE.  Thanks for checking in and feel free to share with friends.

Late winter light at Eden Church in Pipestone County, MN

Around 45 minutes of star trails and a pair of passing headlights provided heavenly light for this image of abandoned Concordia Pioneer Church in rural Roberts County, SD

St. Patrick's Day Aurora over West Church near Chester, SD

More St. Patrick's Day Northern Lights

More St. Patrick's Day Northern Lights

Sunset on the first day of Spring at Buffalo Slough.

Another shot of the Buffalo Slough sunset.  This area is just a bit south of Chester, SD

First pasqueflowers of the year in rural McCook County, SD

A natural bouquet

Evening light on Pasques