Friday, April 6, 2018

March 2018

An abandoned country school with outhouse north of Miller, SD
March of 2018 has been colder and more wintery than the last handful of Marches.  The first half of the month I was quite busy following sports indoors with all the basketball seasons coming to an end. The last half of the month I tried to get out and witness the waterfowl migrations that pass through every early spring, but there were only a handful of good weather days to choose from.  Finally at the end of the month I was able to travel through the state to go visit family for an early Easter so had a couple more opportunities to shoot photos then.  All that equates to my favorite twelve photos of the month posted here.  Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

The Denny Sanford Center at near capacity for the USD v SDSU Summit League Championship game in Sioux Falls

A bald eagle perched on a icy tree near Silver Lake north of Freeman, SD

Thousands of snow geese near Freeman, SD (This is what the bald eagles are following this time of year)

One of two snowy owls north of Emery, SD I was surprised to see while out and about.  Seems late for them to still be around in the middle of March.

The 2nd Snowy Owl north of Emery, SD

A rare (nearly) clear sky sunset with geese flying north

Sunset over Highway 42 a couple days after the first day of spring

A red-winged blackbird taking flight in western Minnehaha County, SD

A couple ducks escaping into the sunset near Humboldt, SD

A bald eagle in flight north of Miller, SD

Abandoned north of Miller, SD

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

Faith United Church of rural Yankton County after a fresh snowfall 
February has come and gone already this year.  It is a short month already and lately one of the busier times of the year for me with my duties at work.  I was only able to get out shooting photos a few times this month, but even so, I was able to find some distinct South Dakotan winter beauty to share.  Per usual, click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

Sunset in rural Hutchinson County, SD

A great-horned owl sunning itself in the afternoon in rural Brookings County, SD

A vibrant red barn in a patch of winter sunshine in rural Lincoln County, SD

Snow drifting along a Union County backroad

Snow drifting along a Union County backroad

Union County, SD barn in the early evening sunlight

The silhouette of Roseni Lutheran against the sunset sky in Union County, SD

Abandoned country school in Union County, SD

Prairie windmill with stars in Turner County, SD

Snowshine at Palisades State Park near Garretson, SD

Sunburst at Palisades State Park

Saturday, February 3, 2018

January 2018

Sun dogs at sunset in rural Minnehaha County, SD
 Hard to believe we are over month into 2018 already. It was a typical January with bitter cold, soundings, a January thaw, and a couple foggy days giving the landscape a temporary hoar frost covering.  Here are my favorite 12 photos of the month.  Feel free to click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

Sun dog rainbow over St. Joseph's Cathedral of Sioux Falls, SD

Rabbit hiding in brush.  There was a hungry snowy owl patrolling nearby.

Snowy owl in flight

Overhead jet and contrails

Snowy owl in flight

Northern cardinal on a snow day

Snow day at the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus

Frosty morning in rural Minnehaha County

Frosty morning in rural Minnehaha County

Sunset over the grain elevator in Ellis, SD

New snow over an old cemetery - Wood Lake Lutheran of rural Deuel County, SD

Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 2017

An early December sunset over a prairie windmill near Hartford, SD
This December was a month of extremes.  For the first three weeks, the weather was dry and quite warm across most of the state.  An early influx of snowy owls seemed to make their way across the whole area including a sighting right here in northwest Sioux Falls.  About Christmas time, the weather started getting colder and soon snow covered the whole state. As I write this, on the evening of December 31st, we are experiencing the coldest temperatures of the young winter season with teens below zero temperature actual and even colder with the windchill.  All this, plus a holiday trip to the western part of the state made for great month of photography opportunities.  It wasn't easy, but here are 12 of my favorites from the last of 2017.  Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

A snowy owl in a field on the northwest corner of Sioux Falls taken December 2nd

Sunset with a thin layer of ice over Lake Alvin Recreation Area near Harrisburg, SD

The fishing pier with an icy sunset at Lake Alvin

Close-up of a prairie windmill at sunset near Hartford, SD

Pre-dawn clouds over Badlands National Park

Spearfish Canyon after a snowfall on the Winter Solstice

Snow covered pine in Spearfish Canyon

A bluejay in Custer State Park

Snowfall on bison - Custer State Park

Snowfall on bison - Custer State Park

Another snowy owl sighting in northwest Sioux Falls on the last day of the year.  This time there was plenty of snow and sub-freezing temps to accompany the bird.  In this photo it is perched atop a four story apartment building and fluffed up against the cold temperatures.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

November 2017

Evening scene in rural Brown County on the southern end of Sand Creek NWR
When November comes around the daylight is less and most of the remaining evidence of the growing season has fled or is about too.  It seems I don't get as many chances to find good subjects to photograph, but then interesting things seem to happen on a free weekend or trips home for Thanksgiving... And the area I get to live in seems to always offer up new and unique things to photograph.  A little surprisingly, this month's collection of photos is one of the most colorful of the year.  There was some snow early in the month to the North and the end of the month showcased amazing sunrise and sunset colors.  So here are twelve of my favorites from the month that was.  Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for stopping by!

Bald Eagle taking off near Forestburg, SD

First snow in Sanborn County, SD

Took a road trip to Grand Forks, ND for work and found this beautiful steeple at sunset just to the southwest of town.

Some last Autumn color backlit by the late afternoon sun at Terrace Park in Sioux Falls

Terrace Park, Sioux Falls

A Minnehaha County rural sunset

The Little Church on the Prairie at The Joy Ranch just outside of Watertown, SD

The last light of the day shining through the dust of the late harvest  activity in Clay County, SD

Clay County sunset

Sunrise above Sioux Falls - looking south down Main Avenue

Another Sioux Falls sunrise photo with the Clocktower of the Old Courthouse Museum in the foreground.