Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017

An unused barn in the still of a winter's night in rural Charles Mix County, SD

January was a tough month to get out and find photos for me.  There were a lot of dreary days and busy work to do inside.  With the short days and early sunsets, it was even tough to find the sun when it was actually clear outside.  I was able to take a couple weekend drives though and here are twelve of the best from the first month of 2017.  Click on image for a larger file to view and thanks for stopping by!

A male northern cardinal among some sumac at Big Sioux Recreation area near Brandon, SD

Sunset through the clock tower of the Old Courthouse Museum of Downtown Sioux Falls, SD

Deep snow and thick ice frame beautiful Zoar Lutheran of rural Day County, SD

Sunset at the church at Broomtree Retreat Center in Yankton County, SD

Sunset with a lone tree near Mayfield, SD

A winter hawk in flight in northeastern Sioux Falls, SD

A mature and juvenile bald eagle converge in flight to give an optical illusion of a three-legged, four-winged creature below the Fort Randall dam on the mighty Missouri River near Pickstown, SD

A juvenile Bald Eagle in flight below Fort Randall dam.

Sunset at Wewela Congregational church in southern Tripp County, SD

The sliver of a crescent moon above Wewela's church steeple

The winter milky way with clouds and a sighting of the Andromeda Galaxy (upper left) at an unused barn in rural Charles Mix County, SD