Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Best of February 2014

A Cooper's Hawk near Lake Vermillion Recreation Area
February has been coldish even for South Dakota, but not without some good photo ops.  I had some good luck birding again this month especially at Good Earth State Park southeast of Sioux Falls.  I also took the time to gather some more country church photos to kick off my new face book page called Prairie Sanctuaries.  This page is dedicated to images of the region's country churches.  A link for that page is HERE.  As always, thanks for checking in and taking a look.

Martinus Lutheran Church bathed in winter sunlight in rural Yankton County.

Sigel Church just a mile or two east of Martinus Lutheran that same evening.

The waxing moon and tall prairie windmill in rural Hutchinson County.

A snowflake happend to land on this cardinal's shoulder just as I snapped the photo at Good Earth State Park (click on the image for a larger file to view).

The last of the snowfall at Good Earth SP.

Resting deer at Good Earth SP.

A white-breasted nuthatch near the bird feeder area of Good Earth SP.

Post sunset colors on distant clouds above an abandoned farmstead near Freeman, SD.

Faint northern lights appeared above Oslo Church in Brookings County just as the moon rose and the clouds began to break up.

Another shot of the northern lights later in the evening in rural Minnehaha County.

Melting snow on my car's window obscure this image of Trinity Lutheran Church south of Hartford, SD.