Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scenes from West River

I was driving a back road west of the Slim Buttes in Northwestern South Dakota late in the day and I couldn't figure out why this owl was flying a few fence posts ahead of me then stopping and waiting for me to drive up to it. Owls are usually very shy and avoid people. Because the road was washed out I had to turn around and drive back and it wasn't until then that I discovered there was a young fledgling owl just learning to fly along the side of the road. I'm glad I didn't drive over it and I'm glad I had the chance to photograph it's parent as well!

Below are some more random scenes from a very green and lovely Western South Dakota this year. All the snowmelt and rain that has caused so many issues along the river systems has also filled up dams and made the grass grow for the ranchers. Plus it makes for some real nice scenery. As always click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in.

The Moreau River breaks. All the water has accelerated the erosion of the hillsides.
One of the castle formations at Slim Buttes.
A Western Wallflower with Thunder Butte in the distance.
Blue skies and green grass. A South Dakota rancher's dream.
I believe this is white milkwort flowering but I may be wrong.
Yellow Goatsbeard before it goes into it's gigantic dandelion mode.
Three horses near the Moreau River.
I'm not sure what kind of bird this little guy was but he was about to feast on grasshopper.
Prairie windmill west of the Slim Buttes.
The Moreau with pretty high water for the 3rd of July.
A hayfield in river valley. It is a good year for making hay!

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