Saturday, February 23, 2013

February's Best

Sunset over Skrefsrud Lutheran Church on Super Bowl Sunday.
Even though the month isn't quite over yet, I wanted to gather and post February's shots this weekend as I will be in travel mode the rest of the month.  As I mentioned in January's post, I'm trying something new in 2013. My goal is to post my 12 favorite or most "significant" photos of the month once a month, each month.  So at the end of the year I should have 144 photos altogether.  Two months down, ten to go...  Hope you like the photos and thanks for stopping by.

Taken a few minutes later the shot above as the colors deepened.

A wide angle shot to show the swath of color across the western sky.  It was one of those unique post sunset scenes we get here in South Dakota.

Switching gears to a shot of Frost Arena before the SDSU-USD men's basketball game.  I added a tilt-shift look to the shot in post.  Fun to be there to take in the festivities.

An abandoned farmstead shortly before a rain/snowstorm moved into the southeastern part of the state.

The last light of the day colored the distant tree line with red hues as these Brookings County deer grazed in open field.

Oslo Church near Lake Campbell in southern Brookings County taken on the same evening as the shot above.

A prairie windmill standing alone against the sunset sky over southern Hutchinson County.

Just a bit up the road from the windmill above stands this small barn.

Hoarfrost and an old barn in McCook County.  The deep blue sky just after the fog lifted in the morning made for great fun playing with black and white options in Apple's Aperture.

Another old barn site in southern McCook County framed by a frosty tree along the county road.


Barb said...

These are such beautiful pictures, I'm so glad Andy and Sara have shared your website. Make me miss our years in SD.Thanks for sharing.

Scott Hendricks said...

Nice Album of photos!