Thursday, June 28, 2012

Late Spring Scenes in South Dakota

Purple rockets along a creek just east of Custer State Park in late May.
 Where has the month of June gone?  As usual, spring has flown by.  Things have been hot and dry in all of South Dakota the latter part of June.  Here are some photos dating back to late May and into mid-June when things were a little newer and greener.  I was asked to create a promotional video for my employer, Midcontinent Communications, to play at the Sioux Falls Jazzfest that required me to travel across the state this spring looking for wonderful scenery.  I took some photos along the way... most of them are posted here for you.  

If you are interested, here is a link to the final video for Midco that welcomes headliner Joe Walsh to the Jazzfest festivities:  

It was fun to put together, all shots are from my camera either in video mode or still frame timelapse style.  All but four or five of the shots are new this spring.  I hope you enjoy it:  

A red winged blackbird perched above a sea a purple just outside of Custer State Park.

A buffalo calf rolls around playfully in the dirt of Custer State Park.

Pronghorn enjoying a picturesque evening at Custer State Park.

Blue bird of Custer State Park.  I love these little lightning bolts of blue!

A badlands prairie dog that proves you that even eating to much salad will cause weight issues.

Sunlight and cloud shadows created interesting views of the Badlands.

Badlands Bighorn taking a break in the clover.

My old friend, Mr. Wile. E. Coyote looked a little straggly from losing his winter coat. (update - I've been informed this guy probably was suffering from the "mange" skin issue caused by mites.  Coyotes should not have all their hair gone on the tail even during spring shedding.)

Sunset light on the back end of some rain clouds taken on the northwest edge of Sioux Falls.

A mid-June thunderhead northeast of Oacoma, SD

Same cloud as above but a little later on in the evening.

Two views of a colorful sunset over Skunk Creek, just west of Sioux Falls.


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful scenes. They refreshed my eyes and spirit after being consumed with CO fire news.

Christian Begeman said...

Thanks Jane. Hearing a comment like that is what it is all about :)