Saturday, May 11, 2024

Northern Light Show

Northern Lights over the standing remains of Concordia Pioneer Lutheran Church

A major solar geomagnetic storm struck the earth's magnetic field the night of May 10th, 2024. The storm started in the afternoon which gave time to plan on where best to try to capture the resulting Aurora Borealis. I chose a favorite structure in rural Roberts County, SD not far from Sisseton. Pioneer Concordia Lutheran church originally stood about two thirds of a mile east of its current location. The cemetery is still there. According to another photographer met while taking in the light show, three brothers decided to purchase the building and move it to one of their fields rather than see it knocked down. This church meant a lot to them as their parents were both married as well as their respective funerals were held in the church. So in a way, this is one of South Dakota's grandest memorials to loved ones now passed on.

On my way home I also stopped at Zion Evangelical Lutheran just to the east of the Brandt exit off Interstate 29. The light show had shifted to a dancing ribbon of pale green directly overhead that stretched across the sky from the eastern to western horizon. Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for stopping by.
Looking southeast over my Suburu
Zion Evangelical Lutheran of rural Deuel County, SD

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Wyoming Autumn


Mt. Moran with Aspen

Tetons with the Snake River

T. A. Moulton Barn

Autumn colors below Sheep Mountain

Snake River oxbow with Mt. Moran

A barn from Mormon's Row

Fall colors in Bridger-Teton National Forest

Snake River reflection

Mt. Moran at sunset

Alpenglow on the Grand Teton

A few minutes later as the sun continued to rise

Morning on at the Grand Tetons

Summer of 2023 (June - September)

Sand Hill Crane family

Western Spotted Coral Root Orchid

Wisters Coral Root Orchid

Rainbow over Renner, SD

Hitching a ride

Sunflower field in bloom


Bottle gentian wildflowers

Lesser fringed gentian wildflower

Monarch butterfly

Great Plains Ladies Tresses Orchid

Hummingbird migration

Spring of 2023 (March - May)

Pasqueflower fuzz in the evening light

Northern lights over Belleview Lutheran Church

Northern lights over Esmond, SD

Plum brush with butterfly

Yellow warbler


Pasqueflower in the rain

Raindrops on pasqueflower


Pincushion cactus in bloom

Double rainbow over the yellow mounds area of Badlands National Park

Rainbow over Badlands National Park

After the rain in Eastern Pennington County, SD

Storm building over Wind Cave National Park

Sunday, February 5, 2023

A winter of frost and snow

Frosted tree branch in front of a red barn

Red, white and blue along the Big Sioux River near Baltic, SD

Frost on weeds with Sioux Valley Baptist country church in the background

Bald Eagles along the Big Sioux River near Trent, SD

The beginning of a heavy snow event at the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus

American Tree Sparrow in tall grass

Snowfall at Terrace Park in Sioux Falls

White-tailed deer near Oldham, SD

Lake Whitewood Church (eastern Kingsbury County) on a frosted morning

Trinity Lutheran in rural Kingsbury County

American Goldfinch at the Dells of the Big Sioux near Dell Rapids, SD

A red barn after a foggy morning east of Dell Rapids, SD