Monday, September 5, 2022

August 2022

Dewdrops on spiderweb

Late sunlight through a seedling

Fogbow reflected

Dewdrops on tall grass

Big bluestem florets

Lesser fringed gentian

Blue butterfly on great blue lobelia

New England aster

Grass of parnassus bloom

Regal fritillary

Bottle gentian

Regal fritillary and Monarch butterfly on blazing star

Sunday, August 14, 2022

July 2022

Snapper turtle close-up

Frog's reading lamp - more commonly known as One-flowered Pyrola

Broad-lipped Twayblade Orchid

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid with crab spider

Black Swallowtail butterfly

White-tailed fawn

Regal Fritillary on blazing star flower

Bumblebee on blazing star

Bobolink on blazing star

Monarch Butterfly on blazing star

Butterfly butt

Northern lights over headlights

Monday, July 4, 2022

June 2022

Bear Butte after a prairie thunderstorm
West River sunset
Prairiesmoke wildflower
Milky Way over Cave Hills Lutheran Church
Yellow Lady's slipper orchid
Wildflower deluxe
Full rainbow after the storm
Abandoned house with rainbow
Clouds after the storm over Highland Lutheran
Spotted coral root orchid
Prickly Pear Cactus blooms
Sunset clouds over the Falls of the Big Sioux

Saturday, June 18, 2022

May 2022

Rain shower over Badlands National Park

Spring came late to South Dakota in 2022 so May was quite the month. From finding first flowers on the plains and in the draws to massive wind and rain storms across the wide open sky... The great outdoors seemed a little wilder than other years. As they say, bad weather makes for great photographs, and I can't argue with that. Here are a dozen favorite photos from May. Some showing the smaller details of spring on the prairie and others showing the vast views that can take one's breath away. Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

First cherry blossoms of spring

Bumblebee on plum brush

Carolina anemone

Canada Warbler

Sunlight lighting a rain shaft receding over Badlands National Park

Double rainbow over an abandoned home

Kinnikinnick or red bearberry blossoms 

Spotted mission bells also called chocolate lilies

Prairiesmoke in light rain

Bighorn sheep ewe

Derecho cloud with dust


Saturday, May 7, 2022

February thru April 2022


Barred Owl
The latter half of winter kept me indoors for various reasons. Therefore this is the first post since January of this year. Eleven of the twelve photos are from April excursions, but the first Barred owl photo came from a day hike on Super Bowl Sunday in February.  Click on an image for a larger file to view and thanks for checking in!

Snow Trillium emerging

Snow Trillium with land snail shell

Three Trumpter swans in flight

Meadowlark singing

Inside a pasqueflower

American kestrel

Easter sunset

Bloodroot flower


Pasqueflower fuzz

Rain drops on pasqueflower petals